Our Mission

We started this agency to help patriot business owners explode their marketing and sales so they can live the American Dream.

Wokeism is Marxism. And they want to redistributed the wealth to make people put their hope in the government. We want to turn it on its head, and help patriots build wealth and pursue excellence to fight back.

The real mission is to save America by helping the backbone of America, the small business, succeed.


The Declaration of Independence...

"Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness" or if you read Locke "Life liberty and pursuit of property" is the essence of the American Dream. It's not about getting happiness or property, it's about the pursuit of those ideals, and the freedom to do so. The pursuit of excellence and adding true value to your community is the manifestation. It's how we fight back against those who would take away our freedoms and our lives.


We are the for the people by the people

Combined our team has over 30 years of marketing experience, and the knowledge of what makes a good product campaign and offer, and what doesn't. We are patriots wanting to help patriots.

Faith, Family, Finances

Faith in God that he has a plan for our lives and has hope and a future for us is what keeps America the greatest country in the world.

He created family so we could have a purpose and a motivation to go out and do something great with our lives, and placed us in America so we could execute on those dreams he placed in our hearts.

He gives us the ability to create wealth and put natural laws in place that we can follow to achieve this.

I can't have a relationship with God for you, or be a good father or husband for you, BUT I can help you explode your marketing and sales and help you execute on your dreams to become great.

Are You Ready To Get Started?